Customers in three sectors

BP Precision Airline Services provides its knowledge and expertise in aircraft cleaning in three different sectors:

• Airlines

Large and small airlines use us for internal cleaning, external cleaning and transit & night stop cleaning. They know that they can always count on BP Precision Airline Services. What colleagues from the cleaning sector can't manage, we do with a smile.

• Private jets

Are you the owner or pilot of a private jet? Perhaps you don't have the resources to handle the internal and external cleaning of your aircraft? Or you don't have the time to clean your jet? Call in BP Precision Airline Services. You can be assured that your private jet will shine on the runway and in the air.

• Military aircraft

Military aircraft transport military personnel and VIPs. Therefore, both image and efficiency matter to the military. BP Precision Airline Services cleans aircraft for the Belgian armed forces, including the Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

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