Deep cleaning.

Two types of cleaning

Regular cleaning of the interior of your aircraft will extend the life of the materials and contributes to your airline's image.

You have the choice of two types of internal cleaning:

  • deep cleaning: complete cleaning of the aircraft interior. In addition to the tasks that are also covered in an intermediate cleaning, we take care of all the components of the cabin and the cockpit. We handle the structure of the seats and vacuum clean the inside of the overhead bins, so there is no longer a speck of dust or dirt.
  • intermediate cleaning: focused on the crew and their ‘office’.

Deep or intermediate cleaning for your aircraft?
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Respect for time and technology

In an internal cleaning operation, respect for time and technology is paramount:

  • we keep 100% to the timeline we agree with you;
  • our workforce is technically trained to clean cockpits too;
  • we cooperate closely with your engineers and other ground services departments.

Motivate your aircrew

An immaculate interior of the cockpit, the galleys and the toilets make life easier for your aircrew. It is much more satisfying and professional to work in a clean aircraft, and make the passengers feel comfortable. And moreover, a clean airplane gives a safer feeling to the pax.

Enthusiastic and efficient internal cleaning

BP Precision Airline Services sets high standards. You can be sure of a very detailed clean with enthusiastic and efficient cleaning specialists. Even at peak times, we ensure that the interior of the aircraft looks pleasant and welcoming.