Why choose us?

Seven + one reasons to use BP Precision Airline Services to clean your aircraft.

  • Reason 1

    A single contact for internal and external cleaning

    No more headaches arranging the cleaning of your aircraft fleet. BP Precision Airline Services takes over the coordination and the worries from you.

  • Reason 2

    A single contact for intermediate and deep cleaning, belly wash & full wash, transit & night stop cleaning

    At last, a cleaning partner who can do it all: BP Precision Airline Services has the know-how, the people and equipment required.

  • Reason 3

    People who know what they're doing

    Our employees are thoroughly trained and have extensive knowledge of aircraft, cockpits, and safety procedures.

  • Reason 4

    Transparent and flexible

    BP Precision Airline Services works fast and promptly. You can reach us easily and directly. Because we are not some unwieldy, bureaucratic organisation, but a flexible partner for the cleaning of your aircraft.

  • Reason 5

    Single point of contact

    24/7 reachable for all your questions and remarks

  • Reason 6

    We are keen to get your feedback

    Something not right? A remark by the crew? It can happen. In future, the feedback will not land on your desk. We relieve you of that worry, and take over the task of handling feedback. So everything is sorted out in next to no time.

  • Reason 7

    Permanent workers, our own workshop

    At BP Precision Airline Services, we insist on working with own permanent workers. We are confident that we can give you better service and higher quality this way. Is there a need for thorough cleaning of certain parts of the aircraft interior? Our own workshop near Zaventem makes such cleaning operations very easy.

  • Reason 8

    Cabin Care and Maintenance

    If your aircraft need a small cosmetic repair? Then it’s worth knowing that we have our own department that can help you: Cabin Care and Maintenance

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