External Cleaning

External cleaning reduces fuel consumption and extends paint life

Give the exterior of your aircraft a polish. We recommend that you do that twice a year.
Studies show that proper maintenance of the exterior of an aircraft leads to:

  • a reduction in the fuel consumed,
  • extended paint life.

Pamper your aircraft with external cleaning.
Let your airplane shine again.
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External cleaning enhances your image and cuts costs

A clean aircraft enhances the image of your airline. It gives crew and passengers a safer feeling. And there's more: an inspection of the exterior and noticing small details can prevent greater expenditure.

Full wash and belly wash

BP Precision Airline Services offers two types of external cleaning:

  • belly wash: lower fuselage, both engines and wheels
  • full wash: all activities of the belly wash, plus complete external wash

Maintenance of equipment and respect for the environment

Maintenance of our cleaning equipment is carried out by our own technicians. It goes without saying that the maintenance records are freely available for inspection, just for information or for an official audit.

We respect the specific environmental requirements of each airport for the exterior cleaning of aircraft. If necessary, we assume responsibility for transporting away the waste water.

Request a trial wash

Want to see the benefits of our exterior cleaning operation with your own eyes? Then we would be glad to carry out a trial wash on site of your aircraft.